Exceptional Player Guidelines (Orono Amateur Athletic Association)

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Movement of Players to Higher Divisions within OAAA


The OAAA will strive to have all players play at their applicable age

level. The Association does recognize that there is occasion when this is

neither possible, nor advantageous for all parties and will consider

allowing players to play in one division higher / lower. In order for a

player to be considered fully rostered to a higher / lower division team,

they must meet all OMHA requirements and receive approval from the

OAAA Hockey Committee and League Association. Request must be

submitted in writing to the board and subject to board approval.


a)        Players requesting to be moved to another level must submit such a

request and rationale in writing to the OAAA Executive prior to the

tryouts/team selection of that year. Each request will be examined on

an individual basis.


b)        Such permission will only be considered for approval by the Hockey

Committee if that player is deemed exceptional in skills and

development and is capable of playing at the higher level and falls into

the top 3 players at his / her position. The team involved must also

have space where the number of registered players permits such a

move. All such moves must also be approved by applicable leagues.