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Apr 10, 2024 | Michelle Broadhagen | 190 views
Good luck to ALL teams for Championship Weekend!
The OAAA is wishing good luck to all our teams competing in the Championship Weekend this weekend!

Rules for the weekend...

Championship Series
After the playoffs, Teams will be divided into their championship division (A, B,C, or D, etc.) and will play a two game final series for the division championship. The winner will be determined based on total points after the 2 games (2 pts. for a win, 1pt for a tie, 0 pts for a loss). If the teams are tied for points after regulation play in the second game, a six-minute stop time sudden victory period will be played. During the 6-minute OT period line rotations will continue per league rules. 
Rules and line changes are unchanged from regulation time. Teams can pull their goalie for an extra attacker on a delayed penalty or in the last two minutes of the game. (Goalies in Major U9 and below, as always, cannot be pulled for any reason.) 
One time-out per team can be called in the final championship game only. 
If, after the six minute OT period is played and teams are still tied, the following will be used to break the tie: 
  • Two minutes will be placed on the clock and teams will play 3-on-3 with goalies. 
  • No skater changes or pulling the goalie is allowed during the two minute OT periods. 
  • If teams are still tied after the two minute OT period, another two minutes will be placed on the clock and teams will again play 3 on 3 with goalies. 
  • Teams will continue to play 3-on-3 for two minute shifts until the tie is broken.
During the two minute OT period player rotations are reset and are at the coaches discretion, however all players on the game sheet must be used once during the two minute overtime periods prior to a coach using a player twice. No player can be used for 2 shifts in a row during the two minute OT periods. 
A maximum of ten (10) 2 minute stop time overtime periods will be played and if the teams are still tied, then they will go to a shootout format as follows – 
  • 5 shooters in the first round 
  • If still tied, 1 shooter in the next round, and so on
NOTE: All players on a team must shoot once before any player gets to shoot a second (or more) time(s). 
  • On 2 goalie teams, goalies will change as close to 3 minutes into the first overtime as possible. Goalies will alternate each two minute shift during the two minute overtime. 
Note: OT is an extension of the current game. Any penalty time outstanding at the end of regulation time will carry forward into OT. Any penalty time in the 1st OT period will carry forward into the two minute OT periods and the penalized team would be forced to play short handed accordingly. (see below) 
If a penalty is called during any of the two minute OT periods the clock will stop and an extra player will be added to the non-offending team. Eg. 4 on 3. 

AND of course the most IMPORTANT rule...HAVE FUN!!!
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